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A Social Interrail #Interrail4SDGs Why? What is it?

Actualizado: 9 sept 2019

I'm going to start in September an interrail for the first time in my life. It's an interrail with a social conscience, since this trip has been a #MySocialRights photo prize from the European Commission. Specifically, "#MySocialEurope photo competition - How should the Future of social Europe look like?" organized by DG EMPL - DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.

Trying to answer that same question ("How should the Future of social Europe look like?") and following the European Pillar of Social Rights structured around: equal opportunities and access to the labour market, fair working conditions and social protection, I will continue taking photographs while traveling through Europe with the Global Pass ticket.

The Sustainable Development Goals defined by UN (Agenda 2030) address the same challenges, in addition to others. My challenge is to find and document those stories that can inspire us to create a better, more egalitarian, tolerant, fair, inclusive and peaceful society. I hope to contribute my grain of sand to these global issues.

Jury (Roxana, Frédéric). Winners (Mari Trini, Máté, Beatriz) and Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility

Now I'm looking for:

- inspirational projects I can document, taking photos and / or making videos.

- sponsors to help me with the budget and can buy some material as a drone, a 360 camera,...to can do the project more innovative, create better multimedia content and achieve a good dissemination. 

If you are interested in collaborating in any way, do not hesitate to contact me!

If you prefer to make a donation by paypal, my email is: maritriniginer (at) gmail .com

If you prefer to make a transfer.

My IBAN number is: ES17 0239 2009 5800 1589 2425


Thank you so much in advance!

If you want a postcard, write me and I will sent you! :)

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